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Whole Wellness - The InSight Vision

I created InSight to fill a void in our modern healthcare system. While psychology and medicine have given us many powerful and effective tools, I have long believed that in our fast-paced world, we have lost touch with ourselves, with nature, and with each other. Traditional approaches to psychotherapy offer us effective ways to treat a variety of conditions. Depression and anxiety run rampant in America and the healthcare system provides tools such as CBT and SSRIs to address these vicious conditions. Yet, at InSight, we believe that traditional talk therapy alone is often an ineffective path to whole wellness. My eclectic approach to treatment pairs traditional, evidence based models with experiential therapy. A deep understanding of complex systems informs my practice: therapy at InSight is client-centered, yet views the client as a system within a series of larger systems (such as family, social life, employment, culture, and society at large.) Within the client - as within us all - the mind/body connection effects the person and informs treatment. To help our clients to achieve true whole wellness, our treatments break free of the confines of the therapy office. We embrace experiences as crucial pathways to wellbeing. We seek to augment talk therapy protocols with carefully curated experiential growth opportunities and adventures. Additionally, we recognize that overall health and wellbeing must include a healthy body. Our treatment approaches therefore include components designed to help our clients learn to truly nourish their bodies. Through an understanding that we are all complex beings living within a series of complex, overlapping systems, we are able to see that an approach to true wellness must go beyond the therapy office and extend across mind, body, family, friends, culture and society. Whole wellness is a huge undertaking, yet it is a journey. I hope to come along with you. 

A Little About Me - The Founder

I have been drawn to psychology for as long as I can remember. Helping others truly is my love, the art and science for which I am most passionate. As a Clinical Social Worker, I spent years working with deeply impoverished, highly vulnerable and at-risk people. I have long believed that the most vulnerable in our society are also the least served, and I have made a long-term concerted effort to bring my advanced education and skillset to those in dire need. I now bring that education, those skills and years of experience in the "therapy trenches" to private practice. 
I am an avid rock climber and adventurer. I love the forest, the wilderness, and nature. I have seen firsthand the power of adventure, of challenge and of nature to promote real healing. I bring these experiences to my practice, and offer those interested an experiential therapeutic journey to healing and wellness. 
I have extensive post-graduate training in various formal modalities, including CBT, TF-CBT and EMDR. I believe that trauma is often at the root of suffering, and I specialize in a multi-model approach to treating trauma of varying complexity and PTSD. 

With regard to education, my undergraduate experience informs my understanding of complex systems as a therapist, as I majored in Political Science. I earned my Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work from Bryn Mawr College, widely regarded as the best psychodynamic program in the United States and one of the top clinical programs as well. 

  • MSS (Master of Social Service) - Clinical Track, Bryn Mawr College

Ranked #30 Liberal Arts Schools in USNews is 2024, and widely regarded as the best psychodynamic social work program nationally, Bryn Mawr is an elite institution with vigorous academics and high standards. 

Ranked #89 in the USNews 2024 list of best colleges nationally, and with an overall Niche grade of A-, Temple University is nationally recognized as a top undergraduate institution.

  • BS (Bachelor of Science) - Political Science, Temple University

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