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Forest Path


Experience therapeutic change in the beauty of nature.

Therapy in Nature - It Works

In our increasingly digital world, we have become greatly disconnected from nature. Studies have shown that spending time outside in natural settings enhances emotional wellbeing by decreasing stress, improving mood and enhancing attention. Nature is also good for our physical health: staying close to nature improves physical conditions like hypertension, cardiac illness, and chronic pain. 

Our Eco-Therapy approach blends time outside in the natural world with mindfulness techniques, process-oriented talk therapy, and even traditional CBT. Whether a brisk walk along a trail or simply sitting in a park, a therapy session outside can be deeply moving and highly effective. 

We always follow privacy requirements, and will do so outside as well. Any therapeutic encounter outdoors will come along with additional privacy considerations. We will address these up-front during our first session.
We meet you where you are. Our Eco-Therapy sessions are custom tailored to meet your needs. We will work together with you to create a truly special experience; should you wish to go on a challenging hike, our experienced therapists are fully capable; should you wish to sit by a stream, we will sit beside you. 

Contact us now to schedule your Eco-Therapy session and experience the power of therapeutic healing in the beauty and awe of nature. 

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