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In-Home Therapy

Experience the power of therapeutic services in your own home.

Home Visits - Providing Perspective

Mobile therapy home visits are particularly effective in family therapy. A look inside your home gives our therapists much deeper insight and understanding of family dynamics, relationship structures, and the nature of your family. Home-based therapy is commonly provided by community mental health clinics, and evidence supports the efficacy of home-based therapies in treating families.

We understand that your home is a private and special place. Our therapists are trained especially to honor your space, respect boundaries, and to treat your home with professional respect. Our mobile therapists have substantial experience in providing home-based therapy. With several years of experience as a Lead Clinician in the acclaimed Family Based Services program, our primary mobile provider and program coordinator is distinctly qualified to address the specific concerns related to home-based therapy. 

An assessment of family dynamics and relationships within your home can be very helpful in formulating treatment plans. Such a session can be used to augment traditional outpatient family therapy, or we can provide all sessions within your home. Children often connect more easily with therapists in the comfort of their homes; the spaces are familiar and trusted, the routines established and known. Play therapy and therapy for children can be profoundly effective within your own home. 

Our homes tell a story. Therapy sessions held within your home offer the therapist a glimpse of this story. They add details to your family story. 

Contact us now to schedule a home visit and experience the potential of therapeutic care in your own home. 

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