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Therapeutic Climbing

Experience empowerment and growth by overcoming challenge.

Therapeutic Climbing - Forced Meditation

I have long referred to climbing as "forced meditation," as it conditions you to be in the moment, engaged and present. If you start to think too much, you fall. Of course, you're connected to a rope and falling is part of the process. Yet, the sport has a way of conditioning people to "get in the zone" and be present in the moment. Climbing is typically physically challenging too. It is a force which combines the need for mental fortitude, emotional regulation, and physical strength and endurance. 

Therapeutic climbing can be beneficial for essentially anyone and everyone. Most people, whether physically fit or not, able-bodied or not, or challenged in other ways, can climb to some degree. The power of overcoming adversity, gaining new skills, and using your body cannot be replicated on a couch in the office. Therapeutic climbing is a distinctly powerful and unique experience, unlike any other. Climbing is a versatile tool which can be used to help individuals, couples, families and groups; it can be a profound solo experience or a fun and engaging team building exercise. 

By partnering with local rock climbing gyms, we are able to offer therapeutic climbing experiences in professional, controlled indoor environments. Additionally, I am also an avid rock climber with nearly 20 years of continuous experience in the sport. We are uniquely qualified to couple rock climbing with traditional therapeutic interventions, to create a one-of-a-kind therapeutic experience. Iam always excited to scheduling a therapeutic climbing session; it combines my two loves: climbing and therapy. 

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